31 Aug

If We Could Collect “Happy”

hector and the search for happinessI started watching a movie earlier this evening and was unable to finish it.  I will watch it again from the beginning tomorrow.  The movie is called Hector and the Search for Happiness.

There were so many things to enjoy about this movie within the first half hour.  I look forward to being able to sit and enjoy it in it’s entirety.

Hector is searching for the answer to what makes people happy.

I thought, “What a great topic?!”  My question is, “What is happy?  What makes people happy?”

Here’s my thought……..

All things that make some people happy, cannot make all people happy.   I don’t say this because I think some people can’t be happy.  I say this because perspective is key to determining what makes people happy.  There are things that make me happy that someone else wouldn’t understand.  Watching the leaves, with their many shades of green, on the tree outside my window, moving in the wind against the blue sky, makes me happy.  I like watching the colors. How many greens do I see?  Are there also clouds in the sky?  How windy is it, is the tree swaying or is it very still?  This may be something you would not have considered as “happy inducing”.  Now that I’ve described it to you, you will now see a similar scene in a new light.

The same would be said for myself.  If I sit back and observe what makes others happy, could I then consider that same event to make myself happy?  I’d have to clear my mind of preconceived notions.  I’d have to approach it as something I’ve never seen or done before.  Open minded and willing to accept new.  Could this help to find a new source of “happy”?  This could be a collection of new items for the tool bag.  Sources of happiness to help change the current view in your mind.  On a dark day, to have a way to be happy that is new and fresh, would inspire one to look for more new ways of being happy.

These new sources of happiness are a small, small portion of what there could be to discover.  What I’ve proposed is to just watch others.  Imagine if you spoke to other; your friends, your family, your coworkers, even a stranger on a bus.  You would be able to accumulate an enormous amount of ways to be happy.  Add an open mind and the willingness to accept new ideas, happiness abounds.

Imagine the changes in our emotions if we had more ways to be happy rather than unhappy.  What are we waiting for?  Let’s open up our minds and look for happiness.  You don’t know what you might find.


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