15 Sep

Keep Pushing Forward

keepingonWhen can we stop “working” on getting “better”?

When can we say, “I’m all better!”

I’m sure you already know the answer to both of these questions.  Never!

You may never get “better”.  You have an illness, or a disability, or a chronic condition, that will not go away.  There is no cure.  It is a permanent ailment.

How about we change the question to, “Now that I feel “better”, what’s next?”

You feel better, that’s great!  It doesn’t mean it is time to stop working.  You need to remain on medication(s) that have been prescribed to you.  You also NEED to keep doing the things that helped you get to this point.  It is these practices that were a big component of helping you feel better.  They are the non-medicinal ingredients of your wellness treatment plan.

Medication is never enough on it’s own.  It can help relieve some symptoms. Some of the symptoms of your condition went away or were relieved by the extra things you DO to feel better.  To stop any of these activities would mean you are stopping a part of your treatment plan.   When medicines are prescribed to patients with chronic illnesses, the patients cannot stop taking the medication because they feel better.  A great example…..I take anticoagulants.  I will take anticoagulants FOREVER!  If I stop, my blood would clot, the clot could travel to my lungs and a Pulmonary Embolism could kill me.  I survived this once.  I am not testing that fate again.

When you have found activities that help you feel better, make them habits.  Make them an important part of your daily routine or part of your life in general.  These activities can help keep you well.  So many times over the years, once I felt better, I stopped doing the things that were partly responsible for how I felt.  I was better!  I didn’t need to do that any longer.  This time, for me, is not about getting better.  It’s about finding what works, making permanent changes to my wellness treatment plan.

What activities do I add to my medication regime to have an overall effect on wellness?  Reinstate old practices that you thought were no longer needed.  If it helped you before, make it part of your plan.  This practice can now help you every day.  Here are some ideas if you need inspiration; try a new craft, take a course on a topic that has always interested you, read a book about the same topic, join a group with similar interests, to name a few.  Just don’t give up!  Find what works for you.  Incorporate this practice into your wellness treatment plan.  Your wellness treatment plan will be longer-lasting than medicine alone.  It will help you feel better!


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