22 Sep

Rest The Mind, Challenge The Body

Why is it, I am not as better as I’d like to think I am?nosehill

The desire to feel better can sometimes deceive and allow us that brief glimmer of what “better” will feel like.  I am convinced that desire is a helping tool.   If you want to go on a vacation in a tropical location, you are able to make this happen.  It is something you desire.  It only stands to reason that if you are wanting to feel better, you are most likely going to get there quicker because of the desire to get there.

How then, do I feel like I was lied to and cheated on?  The heavy feeling I’m carrying today is the culprit.  I started my day on a very positive note.  A great big walk with my dog.  It was a beautiful morning and I chose a great location for our walk.  I was feeling upbeat and positive.  What happened?  How can things change so quickly?  Pain.  The pain that comes from parts left unused.  I am so sore.  I know, this is funny.  We speak of pain usually from the point of view of mental anguish.  Nope, not today.  I hurt!  So much so, in fact, it has left me feeling tired and worn out.

What can I do about this?  Right now….I smile as I write this because I’m already turning my mind around.  I let myself become trapped by the pain of my body.  My mind is just fine.  It was fine this morning, and it’s going to be fine tomorrow. And tomorrow?  We do the walk again!  Stretch the pained muscles.  Work them again.  Not only am I getting muscles moving, I am working on the lungs yet again.  I’m a little out of practice with the big breathing.  Big breathing with no fear!  Even more of a challenge.  I did it today!  I will do it again tomorrow.

We do work on our minds.  We challenge our thinking.  We build coping strategies.  I have a process in place to work on my mind, my thinking and testing new strategies.  Now, I need to get my body back to work.  It needs to be challenged by physical exertion.  That is the next thing!


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