27 Aug

Movie Night

It’s great still having a child at home that loves Disney movies.  Tonight, we watched Mulan.  While watching the movie I pondered over what to write about for the blog.  Sticking with the children’s movie theme, I thought I’d talk about my first impression of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.

Definite Spoiler Alert…..if you haven’t seen the movie and want to be surprised, don’t read this post.

Basically the movie is about a girl, Riley, and her emotions.  The emotions are characters inside Riley’s mind.  The emotions are; Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness.   This is not a movie review.  I went to see the movie with NO idea of what it was about.  At one point during the movie I felt gut punched.  The scene had that much of an impact.  It’s a moment that I can still recall.  Not just the vision of the scene from the movie, but the feelings that were instilled in me.

In the movie, Riley’s memories are stored in headquarters.  Headquarters is where the emotions “work” from.  In the scene I am referring to, Sadness touches a memory (looks like a crystal orb) and turns it to ice.  It slowly freezes over.  Being very familiar with depression and how thoughts can be distorted, the sight of a memory freezing due to sadness was a “Wow!” moment, to say the very least.  This is what happens in our own minds, isn’t it?  Depending on our own frame of mind; past, present and future memories can vary.  We can take a once happy moment and change it, temporarily or permanently.  We have the ability to make assumptions about future events that lead us to believe in our thinking.

The remainder of the movie and the parts the “emotions” played, had significant relevance for me at the time.  It’s ironic that it was Joy and Sadness that had to keep Riley’s emotional state in tact, and work together.  It’s a movie I’ll buy.  I look forward to seeing it again, knowing what I know about the movie.  I also look forward to seeing it again when I’m in a better place. Perspective can vary impressions.

It’s a great movie for kids.  It’s not even that “heavy” of a watch for most adults.  For me, it meant something.  If you’ve seen it and have thoughts to share, please feel free to comment below.  I look forward to reading other views.