15 Aug

The First Step Is ALWAYS Easiest?

The First Step!


There is a “first step” involved in any task. When that task is brand new, you don’t know what to expect.  The unknown makes that first step seem ok or at least doable.  However, it could be the hardest first step ever.

Let’s look at the first step towards finding out if the symptoms you have are a sign of depression. The first step could be making a doctor’s appointment to discuss how you’ve been feeling.  Or the internet savvy would do a google search.

This is a description of depression from Canadian Mental Health Association website.

See, that was easy, you know something about depression.  You took that first step.  An easy step to take if you have never been diagnosed with the illness before.  You now have answers to why things have become so different in your life.  Why feelings of sadness are heightened?  Why the activities that used to bring you so much joy, make you feel nothing but emptiness?  Why making any decision becomes the hardest thing to do, as if your life depended on it?  Why the smallest of chores become devastating interruptions to your day?

If you have been previously treated for depression, you know what you are feeling and you know why.  The next step in this case would be getting the help you need.  I have never found this easy.  No matter how many times depression symptoms rear their ugly head, I refuse to believe they have returned.  I stuff the feelings.  I create the wall.  I deny, deny, deny.  As you can imagine, this has never worked to my benefit, not in the 20+ years of dealing with depression.  Symptoms only get worse.  Every symptom is exaggerated to its fullest.

If you are unsure about what is happening to you, please contact your doctor.  This is an illness that will not get better on its own.  It won’t just “go away” like a cold.  It is better to get the help you need as soon as possible.

Here is list of signs and symptoms of depression from Women’s Health Matters.  You don’t need to have all of these symptoms to seek the help you need.


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