02 Sep

What’s New?

WHATSNEWThe standard answers to the standard questions.

To the question, “How are you?”  The answer is usually, “Fine, you?”

To the questions, “What’s new?”  The answer is usually, “Not much, you?”  Or a myriad of other very witty responses.

Do you think someone would actually stop and listen if you were to start responding?  Especially if the question is asked in passing.  How do you get the person to stop and hear you.  Do they care?  Why say it?  How about just saying, “Good morning!”, or “Hello, hope you are having a good day!” Asking a question that you may or may not care about getting an answer to just doesn’t seem very sincere.

Not sure where that rant came from.  🙂   Not completely true.  It was a “something shiny” moment.  I’ve committed to myself not to delete.  I just edit for punctuation and grammar and sometimes move sentences around.  So, the rant stayed.  You have to admit, for the number of posts I’ve written, I’m pretty good at staying on topic.

I had hoped I could get my writing to flow easier into answering the question of what’s new?  Apparently not.  Allow me to just tell you.  Here’s what is new today!

  1.  New diagnosis.  Providing answers to so many of the events in my life.  Finally having hope of not just getting through this bout of depression, but being able to be treated properly for my illness.
  2. New medication.  To aid in my recovery.
  3. New therapist.   A specialist in the treatment of this illness.  Has already assigned me homework.  Has similar thoughts to what areas of my life are in critical need of new coping strategies.
  4. New support.  A rekindling of one of the most important relationships a person can have.
  5. New hope.  The light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem so far away.  A deeper sense of moving in the right direction.
  6. New level of patience.  Seeing the results of calming myself and allowing things to happen as they will.  Great feeling of reward for being patient.

Needless to say, I have new feelings deep inside me.  I have a calmness that hasn’t been there for weeks, or months.  I have the urge to smile, just because.  I can laugh and feel the sincerity of it.  I know this may just be for today.  I’m okay with that.  These feelings can be added to my tool box.  Tomorrow, if need, I can recall them and remember that I’m on the correct path, I just need to keep moving forward.  It is not a case of one step forward, two steps back.  It is all forward motion now.  Some of it may not feel so good.  That’s okay.  It’s all part of the learning.  It’s all part of getting me to a better place.


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